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    Superwien is part of the international project PlaceCity – Placemaking for Sustainable, Thriving Cities. PlaceCity aims to advance placemaking as a new approach to creating better cities together by gathering placemaking tools and implement those tools in the partner cities Vienna and Oslo. The aim is not merely to test the tools but also to establish sustainable business cases for placemaking in local contexts. The consortium in Vienna consists of Superwien, MA 18 – Urban Development and Urban Planning, University for Applied Arts – Social Design. The central area of Floridsdorf will be our test ground for placemaking.

    PlaceCity is the new phase in the European Placemaking Movement. The international consortium collects placemaking tools from all around Europe, evaluates and tests them on projected areas, and looks into ways of up-scaling and transferring them. The tool collection will be shared on the Placemaking Europe website, as well as at the upcoming placemaking activities.

    JPI Urban Europe Project

    consortium: superwien urbanism ZT OG, Magistratsabteilung 18 Stadtentwicklung und Stadtplanung, social design – Universität für angewandte Kunst Wien, Eutropian GmbH, Gallis Miljø og Kommunikasjon – Nabolagshager, STIPO, Oslo kommune, BIDs Belgium, Placemaking Europe

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