Our masterclasses in Ecuador were a great success!!

Check out the classes here:

Ecuador’s Urban Design Laboratory: Viva la calle! is part of a process of designing interventions aimed at improving public spaces and mobility in Ecuadorian cities, with a focus on community participation, inclusiveness, gender, sustainability and safe and active mobility. During the design process we work in close collaboration with the Autonomous Decentralized Governments and Universities in Ecuador. The main objective of this joint work is to create a portfolio of replicable interventions at the national level and to establish an academic network for the exchange of knowledge, design concepts and enrichment of architecture and urbanism curricula in Ecuador.

The Urban Design Lab Ecuador: Viva la calle! is divided into two parts: a first stage of master classes composed of international and local experts that will form the theoretical basis for a comprehensive and participatory learning in inclusive urban design of public spaces for mobility. And a second stage of practical workshops and urban design in which participants will have an immersive and practical experience on key tools and processes when carrying out a process of urban design and inclusive public space.